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Potted Blue Hydrangea
Product Code: OGC0019

Available as early as:

  • March 07, 2016


Another member of our 'potted' plant family, these potted Hydrangeas offer a remarkable amount of color in showy balls that crown their large, broad leaves. Gift can be up to 18” tall and arrives blooming in a standard natural woven 6” diameter basket—a premium square woven basket with green bow is available for an additional charge. Care instructions are included.
  • 1 potted blue Hydrangea plant (up to 18" tall)
  • Includes natural woven basket, 7"w x 6.5"h
  • Our exclusively designed Mint Polka Dot tin, 7"w x 10"h, is available as upgrade option!
  • Care instructions included

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