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Puzzle Name Stools
Product Code: 400041ML

Available as early as:

  • March 05, 2016


Our wooden step stools help to teach them how to spell their name. Step stool features rounded, easy-to-fit edges.
  • Crafted with furniture grade birch veneer and non-toxic paint with smooth lacquer finish.
  • Personalize with one name up to 11 characters.
  • Measures 13-1/2"Lx8"Hx8"D to 17-1/2"Lx8"Hx8"D, depending on length of name.
  • No gift box is available for this item.
  • Only one name can be entered on this item. If two names are provided only the first one will be produced. There are no exceptions. For example if you enter Carrie Ann it will be done as Carrie.

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